Odoo 15 ready for Swedish Business

Choose a business system that is easy to install and easy to upgrade, but most importantly choose the system that is easy to adapt to your business needs.

All new deployments and upgrades from December 1, 2021 will be Odoo V15!

The most advanced and flexible Odoo version ever.

Real time collaboration

Get "real-time information" about your customers, everything from marketing to sales and service. Keep your workflows updated and effective with mobile collaboration tools

Odoo business solutions will grow with your business and help you increase your revenue. All your business needs, integrated into one single platform

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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Odoo 15 the most flexible solution in the market today

Let us help you solve real business challenges easily.  Odoo V14 can digitalize and automate your business processes easily and cost-effectively.

Out of the box or customised to meet your needs

 Odoo will revolutionize your view of information management

An integrated business system 

Odoo is the world leader

Odoo is a new type of business system. Open source and designed from the very start to be mobile and web-based. Odoo makes your information come to life. Odoo makes digitalization a reality, quickly and simply. Open your business to the possibilities of a modern all-in-one solution.   Be surprised over the possibilities with Odoo. Ask for a demo and test system today

Our implementation methodology

The key to success

Keep It Simple • Fewer meetings, less paperwork, faster decisions. • Limit the number of stakeholders to accelerate the decision cycle. • Limit custom development to the minimum necessary. • Working on site is inefficient to get things done, but efficient for change management and training. Go on-site only when needed.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

With years of sales experience, we can help you implement a CRM system that your sales people will love. Within just a few hours your new CRM will be up and running. Your sales people will be bringing in orders you couldn't see before.

Accounting & Finance (Swedish app)

Our financial consultants have worked with both Swedish and international finance and accounting. Our solutions comply with current accounting rules, Swedish as well as international. And because Odoo is an integrated ERP, your accountants will love the real-time online control and visibility Odoo enables.


Quick, easy and safe. Easy to implement with multiple standard payment solutions including PayPal, ePay and many more. This is a true "plug and play" solution. Bring your customers and suppliers closer to your business than ever before.

Project Management & Agile Methods

We know project management  and agile methods. Let us show you how your company can benefit from our expertise and system skills. Our Alfodo solution brings together ERP and ECM to provide you with the most comprehensive Project Toolbox your can imagine.  


With more than 25 years of hands-on experience in production and manufacturing, we have real expertise in production planning and processes. Let us show you how to implement world-class production with state-of-the-art tools and systems.

Inventory Management & Logistics

Mobile and flexible inventory solutions. Let your suppliers handle deliveries and drop shipments directly in your system. Make your stock visible to your customers, online, in real-time. Our planning and logistics experts understand your needs and can help you implement a digital solution quickly and effectively. Retake control of your warehouse.

Infrastucture and operations support

We offer technical support and operations services to Odoo customers that use odoo.online, odoo.sh and on premise instances.  If your business requires more flexibility or you prefer to outsource your on premise operations the take a closer look at our optimised Cloudworkz solutions.  Cloudworkz is our own Open Stack infrastructure provided in co-operation with Binero.

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Experienced partners

With operations and support experience with customers like Intertek, Sandvik Coromant, Indiska, and PDSVision our technicians and support team can provide you with all the expertise and service your business needs to keep your Odoo instance up and running 24/7.  If you require help with your on-premise architecture or operations, if you prefer to run your most critical applications on our Open Stack cloud, or if you need help to run an odoo.sh instance talk to us.

Open Stack, the world's most trusted cloud infrastructure!

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