Our methodology

Our implementation model is designed to help you implement Odoo in the shortest possible time.

Our model allows you to solve business problems one at a time. We keep the implemetation threshold as low as possible.  This approach allows our customers to get real benefits sooner and a tangible return on investment at an early stage in the project.

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Before you start!

This might sound simple, but don't avoid these questions

Why are you implementing a new system

Let us (or some other expert) help you to identify real and achievable business targets and needs.  Changing your system is about changing the way things are done in your business.  And change is difficult - get help!

Is everyone "on board"

Changing systems will affect roles and responsibilities. Is your team on board? There are 3 equally important parts to every change project - People, Process, Technology.  If one is getting too much attention, ask the question - what are we missing in the other 2 areas?

Everything is important - not everything needed now

Every project has a "to-do list".  Identify things that need to be done (important) but can wait (not needed immediately).

Take the long view

Move fast, solve problems one app at a time.

Avoid the "big bang"

Do everything in your power to go live sooner and with less features.  Solve one or two business issues and be prepared to implement in phases.  Avoid the temptation to fix everything before your dare to go live with something!

Positioning is part of the project

But don't spend too much time on it.  Put the team together, assign basic roles and acknowledge that things will change as the project progresses.  You don't need to know everything to "get the ball rolling".  

Change, change, change

System implementations are about change.  As you learn more about what the system can do, your needs, opportunities, and the project itself will change.  Don't try to answer every question too early in the project.  Some issues will just disappear as the project progresses.

Our project model - optimised and adaptable

We have implemented business systems in 100's of companies during the last 20 years.  Our model is optimised to make your project a success.  

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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Improve your process one app at a time

Use Odoo to model and improve your business processes.  Ask us - how would Odoo solve this issue out of the box.  

Then when we have the basics working Odoo makes it easy to automate and customise your system to meet your unique requirements.

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Continuous development, deployment, and integration

We want to keep Odoo running efficiently and reliably at the lowest possible cost. 

Take advantage of our CI and CD toolbox and your maintenance services, including fixed price patching and upgrades.

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Let us show you Odoo and unleash the real power of your company